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Life As We Know Now It
Chapter 3: Broken Thoughts
A well known to you song popped into your head...
You took a deep breath and blew into the melodica, playing a slow and catchy beginning tune before looking forward and subtly singing in a soft and beautiful tone that caught many peoples attention.
"Distant stars
Come in black or red
I've seen their worlds
Inside my head
They connect
With the fall of man
They breathe you in
And dive as deep as they can
There's nothing you can do for them
They are the force between
When the sunlight is arising
There's nothing you can say to him
He is an outer heart
And the space has been broken~"
As you went to play the melody again, it was as if your melodica was singing with you with a sweet subtle voice.
Our love
Is it far away
in the Glitter Freeze
Or in our eyes
Every time they leave
It's by the light
Of the plasma screens
We keep switched on
All through the night while we sleep
There's nothing you can do for them
They are the force between
When the sunlig
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Life As We Now Know It
Chapter 2: Introductions
Bethany had shown you around the restaurant, from the downstairs arcade, to Pirate's Cove and back to the front plaza. You looked about, soon bumping into something large and... furry? You looked up only to meet the gaze of a certain pair of baby blue eyes. "Ah! Hello Miss [F/N], how is your day so far?" You just stared, gawking. 'He can actually have an intelligent conversation? He can walk around?! I thought he was bolted to the floor!' He cocked his head to the side curiously. "Are you alright Miss-" you interrupted him, nodding quickly. "Y-yes. Thank you... um... Freddy.." you were still stunned. 'Wait, how does he know my name?!' The question suddenly hit you. How did he know your name? You opened your mouth as if about to ask him, but shut it quickly, wanting to save it for later. Bethany was watching from behind you, giggling. "[F/N] is our new waitress, so i wont be alone!" You looked at her in shock. Only? "Are you the only waitress here?" Bethany just
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~:Freddy Fazbear Shipping REQUEST:~ by LittlestVixen ~:Freddy Fazbear Shipping REQUEST:~ :iconlittlestvixen:LittlestVixen 0 0
Life As We Now Know It
Chapter 1: First Day On The Job
You awoke at 6:50 a.m. and quickly got up to wash yourself up slightly. You rushed downstairs and grab a piece of toast from the table, placing it in you mouth. you bit down, not wanting to lose your quick breakfast as you quickly pulled up your jeans to button and zip them up. You made your way out the door, sliding your arms through your thin button up jacket while ignoring the screams of your sibling(s). While shutting the door, you swore you heard your mother mumble. 'My lil' girl's all grown up..' Hearing this made you smile, you were now on her good side, and you decided to stay there. You quickly ran down the street, after finding out you lived only a few blocks away from your new job made an advantage, trying not be late.
A few minutes later you had come to a large building that was painted festive colors. you looked up at the sign that was bolted above it, it was new. It said, 'Freddy Fazbears' Pizza' and had four cartoon looking characters arou
:iconlittlestvixen:LittlestVixen 1 0
~:Pirate Wolf CONTEST ENTRY:~ by LittlestVixen ~:Pirate Wolf CONTEST ENTRY:~ :iconlittlestvixen:LittlestVixen 2 8
Life As We Now Know It
[F/N] first name
[L/N] Last name
[E/C] eye color
Your [E/C] orbs look all around and finally find a flyer for a kids restaurant called "Freddy Fazbear's Pizza". You quickly dial the number, hoping they were still hiring, as you leaned against the post it was stuck to.
"Hello? Is this the owner of Freddy Fazbear's Pizza?" You try to stay cool, but you fidget, growing nervous as there was silence before he spoke.
"Yes, who is this, and what do you want?" You gulped and stutter before continuing.
"[F/N][L/N], I was calling to see if you still had any job openings?" You bit your lip and crossed your fingers praying. You NEEDED this job..
"Hmm... Okay, come to the pizzeria tomorrow at 7:00 a.m. And I'll have you fill out an application, we really need more workers here to revive the place..." You gasped and jumped up and down excitedly and nodded, people stared as they walked past, but you didn't care. "Th
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